Sic itur ad astra

Sic itur ad astra

Sic itur ad astra

Collection of papers on Hungarian and Croatian legal history
Publishers: Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law / University of Zagreb Faculty of Law
Seats: Egyetem tér 1-3., 1053, Budapest, Hungary / Trg Republike Hrvatske 14., 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Person responsible for publishing: Dr. Barna Mezey
Person responsible for editing: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi
ISSN 2631-181X

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Mirela Krešić – Dr. Kinga Beliznai Bódi

          1. Sic itur ad astra I., Budapest, 2017, 64 p. (pdf) - ISBN 978-963-284-935-5, ISSN 2631-181X
          2. Sic itur ad astra II., Zagreb, 2018, 105 p. (pdf) - ISBN 978-953-270-116-6, ISSN 2631-181X

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Dunja Milotić – Dr. Kinga Beliznai Bódi

          3. Sic itur ad astra III., Budapest, 2019, 134 p. (pdf) - ISSN 2631-181X

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Mirela Krešić – Dr. Kinga Beliznai Bódi

          4. Sic itur ad astra IV., Zagreb, 2020, 135 p. (pdf) - ISBN 978-953-270-133-3, ISSN 2631-181X

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Ivan Kosnica – Dr. Imre Képessy

          5. Sic itur ad astra V., Budapest, 2022, 123 p. (pdf) - ISBN 978-963-489-439-1, ISSN 2631-181X

  • Márk Milán MAGYAROVICS: The district administration of the Hungarian capital – its history andevolution from 1873 to the formation of Greater Budapest. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.1 (pdf)
  • Dóra KARSAI: Does every successful man have a woman behind him? The progress of women’s suffrage in the 19th–20th centuries. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.2 (pdf)
  • Matija MATIĆ: The Croatian-Slavonian Diet and its Legislative Activity during World War I. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.3 (pdf)
  • Zsombor Kristóf VINCZE: The jewel of the Holy Crown of Hungary, Fiume. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.4 (pdf)
  • Josipa SUDAR: Parliamentarism in the Interwar Period (1918–1941). DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.5 (pdf)
  • Jakov KURSAR: Citizenship in Croatia from 1918 to 1941. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.6 (pdf)
  • Kíra VARGA: The restriction and deprivation of personal liberty in the 20th century. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.7 (pdf)
  • Daniella SCHLAFFER: The reorganization of the press control at the initial consolidation of the Kádár-period (1956–1963). DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.8 (pdf)
  • Josipa JERABEK: Croatian Constitution of 1990, Constitutional Acts of 1991 and International Recognition of the Republic of Croatia. DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.9 (pdf)
  • Andrija BRAJKO – Jurica SKULIBER: Relationship between legislative and regulatory jurisdiction in the Republic of Croatia (1991–1995). DOI 10.21862/siaa.5.10 (pdf)

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Imre Képessy – Dr. Ivan Kosnica – Dr. Dunja Milotić

          6. Sic itur ad astra VI., Zagreb, 2023, 164 p. (pdf) - ISBN 978-953-270-165-4, ISSN 2631-181X

  • Violetta VAJDA: Private law provisions in the April Laws. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.1 (pdf)
  • Leo KOJČINOVIĆ: General Civil Code in Croatia and Slavonia from 1853 to 1918. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.2 (pdf)
  • Dorián DEME: Mortmain in the Hungarian legal system. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.3 (pdf)
  • Daniella SCHLAFFER: Adoption in Hungary after 1848. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.4 (pdf)
  • Josipa JERABEK: Adoption according to the General Civil Code. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.5 (pdf)
  • Mátyás Kolos GYIMÓTHY: Early development and first legal regulation of copyright law in Hungary. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.6 (pdf)
  • Máté Zsolt BAKOS: The history of the Hungarian stock market. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.7 (pdf)
  • Kíra VARGA: The Introduction of Civil Marriage with Act 31 of 1894, with special reference to the impediments to marriage. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.8 (pdf)
  • Marija VUKOŠIĆ: Marriage Law in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.9 (pdf)
  • Josipa SUDAR: Development of civil law in Croatian territories from 1918 to 1945. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.10 (pdf)
  • Dóra KARSAI: The commercial companies from the beginning till today. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.11 (pdf)
  • Jakov KURSAR: Concepts of property and agrarian reforms in Croatia during socialism. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.12 (pdf)
  • Matija MATIĆ: Transformation and privatization of property in Croatia during the 1990s. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.13 (pdf)
  • Eszter Kata HORVÁTH: The Wars of the Roses as a War of Succession. DOI 10.21862/siaa.6.14 (pdf)

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Imre Képessy – Dr. Dunja Milotić

          7. Sic itur ad astra VII., Budapest, 2024, 196 p. (pdf) - ISBN 978-963-489-672-2, ISSN 2631-181X

  • Panna MEZŐ: The history of the Hungarian Palace of Justice. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.1 (pdf)
  • Kincső Johanna KESZI: Provisions of the First Amendment to the Csemegi Code. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.2 (pdf)
  • Máté LUKÁCS: The rights of prisoners during Hungarian civil era. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.3 (pdf)
  • Josipa SUDAR: Case against Diletta – an early case of sorcery. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.4 (pdf)
  • Zoe L. ŽILOVIĆ: The use and form of judicial torture in Croatian lands. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.5 (pdf)
  • Jakov Vojta ŽUJO: Criminal protection of marriage in the interwar Yugoslav state. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.6 (pdf)
  • Bernadett MARTINEZ: The punishment of stuprum violentum in the Csemegi Code. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.7 (pdf)
  • Zsófia Anna GÉMES: Infidelity as a crime against the state in the Csemegi Code. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.8 (pdf)
  • Zsolt BAKOS: The person who paved the road for women to law – The life and challenges of Margit Ungár. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.9 (pdf)
  • Zsigmond Szóga: The regulation of prostitution in Budapest between 1867 and 1914. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.10 (pdf)
  • Josipa JERABEK: Regulation of Prostitution in Croatia and Slavonia at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th Century. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.11 (pdf)
  • Dóra KARSAI: Women’s criminality in the 19th–20th century. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.12 (pdf)
  • Botond CZIFRA: On the question of certain rights of the Minister of Justice related to the organization of the jury trial in the Dual Monarchy. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.13 (pdf)
  • Matija MATIĆ: Show Trials in Communist Yugoslavia (1945-1948) – The Staged Trial Against the Archbishop of Zagreb Alojzije Stepinac.DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.14 (pdf)
  • Antal Zoltán MASASON: A mysterious case or the criminal procedural characteristics of the blood libel trial at Tiszaeszlár. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.15 (pdf)
  • Imre Farkas KÜZMÖS: The Phenomenon and the Hungarian Law of Duels. DOI 10.21862/siaa.7.16 (pdf)