Sic itur ad astra

Sic itur ad astra

Collection of student papers on Hungarian and Croatian legal history
Publishers: Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law / University of Zagreb Faculty of Law
Seats: Egyetem tér 1-3., 1053, Budapest, Hungary / Trg Republike Hrvatske 14., 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Person responsible for publishing: Dr. Barna Mezey
Person responsible for editing: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi
ISSN 2631-181X


Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Mirela Krešić – Dr. Kinga Beliznai Bódi

          1. Sic itur ad astra I., Budapest, 2017, 64 p. (pdf)
          2. Sic itur ad astra II., Zagreb, 2018, 105 p. (pdf)

Editors: Dr. Gergely Gosztonyi – Dr. Dunja Milotić – Dr. Kinga Beliznai Bódi

          3. Sic itur ad astra III., Budapest, 2019, 134 p. (pdf)