Nemzetközi médiajogi konferencia az ELTE-n

Nemzetközi médiajogi konferencia az ELTE-n
Audiovisual Media Regulation during the COVID-19 in Central and Eastern Europe címmel nemzetközi online médiajogi konferenciát rendez 2022. szeptember 30-án az ELTE ÁJK és a Bukaresti Egyetem Jogi Kara.

A konferencia szórólapja

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A konferencia programja

Openings (Zoom link)
09.00-09.05 Dr. Pál SONNEVEND (Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law) Dean
09.05-09.10 Dr. Daniela-Anca DETEŞANU (University of Bucharest Faculty of Law) Vice-Dean

Section 1 (Zoom link)
Chair: Dr. Elena LAZAR (University of Bucharest)

09.15-09.35 Dr. Gergely GOSZTONYI (Eötvös Loránd University): The state of freedom of expression and censorship in Central and Eastern Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic
09.35-09.55 Dr. Stefan BOGREA (University of Bucharest): Fake-news laws in the pandemic times: a human rights perspective
09.55-10.15 Dr. Kinga SORBÁN (University of Public Service): Legal responses to the proliferation of hate speech during the Covid-19 pandemic
10.15-10.35 Dr. Carmen ARCHIMESCU (University of Bucharest): Is it necessary to review social networks responsibility in the context of COVID pandemic?

10.35-11.00 Coffee break

Paralell Section 2 (Zoom link)
Chair: Dr. Gergely GOSZTONYI (Eötvös Loránd University)

11.00-11.20 Dr. Elena LAZAR (University of Bucharest): Disinformation over Covid - has the sanction regime in Romania been effective?
11.20-11.40 Dr. Beata KLIMKIEWICZ (Jagiellonian University) – Dr. Katarzyna VANEVSKA (Jagiellonian University): Pandemic communication in Poland: A media policy perspective
11.40-12.00 Dr. Tahir HERENDA (University of Sarajevo) – Dr. Nasir MUFTIC (University of Sarajevo): Regulation of audiovisual media in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an overview
12.00-12.20 Dr. Zsolt KOKOLY (Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania): Audiovisual Media Regulation during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Measures Undertaken by the Romanian Authorities during the State of Emergency in 2020
12.20-12.40 Dr. Roland KELEMEN (Széchenyi István University): World War I special press order in the light of the foreign and domestic rules and practices with an outlook on limiting news on Spanish flu

Paralell Section 3 (Zoom link)
Chair: Dr. Stefan BOGREA (University of Bucharest)

11.00-11.20 Dr. Kristóf GÁL (Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies) – Dr. Kinga KÁLMÁN (Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies) – Dr. Boldizsár SZENTGÁLI-TÓTH (Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies): Audiovisual media under new challenges: expected impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to the Article 10. Case law of the European Court of Human Rights
11.20-11.40 Dr. Anna HORVÁTH (CMS Budapest) – Dr. Miklós BOROS (CMS Budapest): A parallel pandemic: misinformation, fake news and infodemics on on- demand platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic
11.40-12.00 Dr. Carmen MOLDOVAN (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi): Free expression and right to information during the COVID-19 pandemic – the Romanian perspective
12.00-12.20 Dr. Iulia GOLGOJAN (University of Bucharest): Fake news over covid-to whom do we turn to?
12.20-12.40 Dr. Gergely Ferenc LENDVAI (Pázmány Péter Catholic University): Of Covid, [say] nothing but the truth – reflections on the consequences on media platforms and freedom of expression principles of the new scaremongering rules implemented in the Hungarian Penal Code during the pandemics

12.50-13.00 Closure of the conference (Zoom link)